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SPOT sends your messages and GPS locations over communications satellites so you can be located quickly. SPOT can send your message and locations to others, communicating in near real time with the push of a single button- no bluetooth technology or complicated programming required. Now you can easily link your BoatUS membership directly to SPOT. Not a BoatUS member? No problem. Purchase the appropriate BoatUS Towing service plan that is right for you which includes annual BoatUS membership and SPOT Link linkage fee. SPOT LLC offers the current BoatUS Membership and Towing packages for sale to our current SPOT customers. For detailed information regarding specific benefit coverage and towing service areas please refer to the BoatUS website.


SPOT Assist Maritime Benefits include:
  • Towing Service: One Membership applies to ALL recreational boats you own, borrow or charter anywhere in the world!
  • BoatUS 24-Hour Dispatch: Call toll-free, day or night, seven days a week for towing assistance. BoatUS has the largest recreational Marine Dispatch call centers stationed strategically on both the Atlantic & Pacific Coasts!
  • Towing at Sea: Complete service from a breakdown at sea to your port of choice, up to the towing service level you've selected.
  • Fuel Delivery & Jump Starts: Service includes Fuel Drops and Battery Jumps. The cost of fuel is high enough without having to pay someone over $150.00 an hour to drop it off. We’ll pay up to your selected service level or choose Unlimited and let us pick up the whole bill! (minus fuel costs).
  • Ungroundings: 100% payment for soft ungroundings, up to the towing service level you selected. Salvage and salvage ungroundings are provided for by a Marine Insurance Yacht Policy.
  • Towing on Land: Trailer assist services up to $50 included with all BoatUS memberships.
Towing services are provided by TowBoatUS except in the following states – CA, OR, WA, AZ, NV & BC – where services are provided by Vessel Assist. *For offshore passages, BoatU.S. also recommends having an EPIRB aboard. Customers must have a US or Canadian address to purchase BoatUS towing service. Service does not include Puerto Rico.

Unlimited Saltwater and Freshwater Towing: $159
BoatUS pays the bill within a towing service area. This is for all Coastal areas, inland and all of Florida. Provides 100% payment for a tow at sea to your home dock or repair facility. 100% for a tow from a restricted use dock to your home dock or repair facility. 50% payment for a tow from your home dock or mooring to a repair facility

Unlimited Freshwater Towing: $68
BoatUS pays the bill within a towing service area for tows in fresh water. This is for all inland lakes and rivers, and the Great Lakes. Provides 100% payment for a tow at sea to your home dock or repair facility. 100% for a tow from a restricted use dock to your home dock or repair facility. 50% payment for a tow from your home dock or mooring to a repair facility.

Basic Saltwater and Freshwater Towing: $52 (BoatUS pays up to $150.00 per incident)

Basic Freshwater Towing: $46 (BoatUS pays up to $150.00 per incident)

Membership Only $34
BoatUS Membership includes $50 Trailer Assist and $50 on the water Towing Service by TowBoatU.S., except in AZ, BC, CA, NV, OR and WA, where Towing Service is provided by Vessel Assist.

Already a BoatUS Member?
For only $10 existing BoatUS members can link their existing membership and towing service plan directly to the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger or SPOT Personal Tracker. 

SPOT Linkage Fee
To link any external membership such as roadside or maritime to SPOT, we require a linkage fee to link the SPOT device to that service. This linkage fee allows the service provider access to receive direct location-based messages from your HELP button. This linkage fee is an annual fee and is not prorated. You will be billed the full linkage fee at time of SPOT Assist service activation as well as at your annual SPOT Basic Service renewal. This fee is also tied to your SPOT contract and not to your Additional service. Therefore, each year this linkage fee will be renewed with your SPOT Basic Service Plan renewal unless cancelled. 

Purchase SPOT Assist Maritime Assistance
SPOT Assist Maritime is easy to add offering new and existing SPOT users the ability to link their BoatUS membership directly to SPOT or purchase a BoatUS Towing service plan that fits your needs.

New users: During the registration process, simply purchase SPOT Assist Maritime membership/towing package or for current BoatUS members, purchase a $10 linkage fee.

Current SPOT customers (not a BoatUS Member): Make sure you know which BoatUS Towing Package is right for you. Log into your account, go to the MY SPOT Device tab and simply add the SPOT Assist Maritime service to the SPOT unit of your choice. This will automatically add BoatUS Towing service to your selected SPOT Messenger and charge the credit card on file for your new 12-month BoatUS membership. Your BoatUS membership will have it’s own renewal date and will automatically renew unless cancelled. 


Notify Users of your SPOT Assist
Make sure that all who use your SPOT device know that you have selected SPOT Assist Maritime service from your Help button.

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