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Voice mail service can easily be added to your existing Globalstar service. You can check your messages from your Globalstar phone at standard airtime rates. There is no fee from Globalstar to receive a message or check your messages from a landline.

To set up or access your Globalstar Voicemail:

  • Dial *VM (send) while in satellite mode, Press "5" when you hear the greeting.


  • Call your Globalstar number from any touchtone phone or from your satellite phone.
  • Press "1" when you hear the greeting.
  • Enter personal password (temporary password is 12345).

Key Benefits



Your voicemail is able to store 25 messages.

Callers can record a message up to 3 minutes in length.

Once a message has been played, it can be stored for 30 days.


Callers are able to leave voice messages even if you are on another call.

Voice messages can be left while your phone is turned off.

Receive instant notification of new messages anytime and anywhere when the phone is turned on in satellite mode.


Record and compose a personalized greeting and choose one of four different greeting options.

Group Distribution Lists

In order to create one message and send to a group, subscribers can create a "Distribution List". This is both a convenient function for work groups, as well as a great way to quickly notify response teams of emergency information. Distribution Lists can be created and managed in the "Personal Options" section of the voice interface.


Autoplay allows subscribers to hear new voice mail messages immediately upon entering their voice mail box. This feature can be turned on or off in the "Personal Options" section of the voice interface.

SMS-based Notification for new Voice Mail

Now, subscribers will receive notification of new voice mail messages via Short Messaging.

Outcall Notification

Outcall notification allows subscribers to be notified of new messages by receiving a call from the voice mail system. This feature can be turned on or off in the "Personal Options" section of the voice interface.

Improved Voice Mail Access Subscribers can now access their Globalstar Voice Mail box in the following ways:

  • *VM (*86) (send) from their satellite phone.
  • Calling their own Globalstar number while in satellite mode.
  • Calling their own Globalstar number from a non-Globalstar phone, and hit 5 while the message is playing.

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