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InReach Service Plans

DeLorme inReach communications features are activated by subscription.  Three different subscription levels are detailed below.
U.S. inReach Subscription Plans


Monthly Billing Plans Safety Recreation Expedition
SOS Yes Yes Yes
Text Messages 10 40 120
Tracking Points Not Included Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Fee $9.95 $24.95 $49.95
Text Messages $1.50 $0.50 $0.25
Tracking Points (each) $0.25 N/A N/A
Note: One-year subscription commitments required for all plans with monthly billing available. There is a one-time $11.95 subscription activation fee. The subscription plan is exclusively for U.S. based activations by individual consumers.
Overages are charged for any text messages or tracking points that exceed what the user's plan allows.
Text messages include pre-loaded messages, free-form sent messages, and received messages.
Tracking points refer to the individual "breadcrumbs" that allow others to follow an inReach user's progress online, at user-selected intervals ranging from 10 minutes to four hours.
Plan flexibility: Users may move up and down between plans based on their seasonal activity; moving up is free; moving down involves a $24.95 change fee.
IMPORTANT: Under these subscription plans, remote tracking is for personal, recreational, non-commercial use. Tracking of enterprise assets and/or personnel, or other unauthorized commercial use will result in additional charges.
Customizable tracking plans: To discuss your needs for commercial or professional use, call 800-293-2389
Billing Details
InReach billing is calculated the night of the 6th of every month. Due to this billing cycle certain pro-rated service rules apply.
Service Plan
In your first month of service, you will be charged a pro-rated monthly rate for your service plan and the full monthly rate for the next month using the following formula.
[ (Current Rate plan ÷ days in billing cycle) * days left until first billing cycle] + current plan rate
As an example, if you chose Recreation as your plan on January 2nd, your first month of the service plan would be calculated as follows:
[($24.95 ÷ 31) * 4] + $24.95 = $28.17
Following months will be billed at the current plan rate.
Message Allotments
Your monthly message allotments are pro-rated using the following formula.
(Allotment in plan ÷ days in billing cycle) * days left until first billing cycle
Using the Recreation plan example, your pro-rated allotment for messages would be as follows:
(40 ÷ 31) * 4 = 5 (standard rounding rules apply/0.5 and higher rounds up and 0.4 and lower rounds down)
Service Cancellation
If you decide to cancel your inReach service, you are responsible for fulfilling the remainder of your term as outlined in the Terms and Conditions. You can continue paying the monthly plan rate for the remainder of your term, or you can pay the total of the remaining monthly rates in one payment to cancel the account immediately. The formula to cancel the plan with one payment is as follows.
(months left on one year term) * (service plan rate)
Using the Recreation example, if you cancel your service on February 9th the cancellation fee would be calculated as follows:
$24.95 * 10 = $249.50 (Due to the billing cycle, you would have already paid the January 6th - February 6th billing cycle and you have pre-paid for the February 6th - March 6th Service plan on the February invoice)

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