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Use the inReach satellite communicator by itself and stay connected with pre-loaded text messages, delivery confirmation, SOS, and remote tracking. Or, pair inReach with an Android phone for two-way satellite messaging. Affordable inReach subscriptions start at $9.95/mo.


Reliable 2-way Satellite Communication in Remote or High-Risk Environments,
Anywhere in the World


Only 10% of the planet has cell phone coverage, so whether you're working halfway around the world or just hiking the next county over, you can easily find yourself "off the grid"...
...with no way to reach family, colleagues, or emergency assistance.
That's why there's inReach. This unique 2-way satellite communicator delivers global coverage and communication features that cell phones and one-way satellite messengers can't touch.
Android home screen when paired with inReach
Android home screen when paired with inReach
Two-way messaging
Two-way messaging
Remote Tracking
Remote Tracking
Interactive SOS
Interactive SO
inReach features
  • Two-way satellite messaging
  • Interactive SOS
  • Message delivery confirmation
  • Pole-to-pole global coverage
  • inReach users can communicate directly with one other to share information and locations
You can also post messages to Facebook and Twitter and enable remote tracking so others can follow your travel online.
Use inReach by itself
The highly versatile inReach does not require any companion hardware. By itself, it can send pre-loaded text messages and SOS alerts (with delivery confirmation) and enable remote tracking, all via pushbutton.
Pair inReach with an Android smartphone
Easy Bluetooth connection enables two-way satellite messaging and interactive SOS.
Two-way messaging
Send and receive messages up to 160 characters to and from email contacts, cell phones, and the emergency response center.
Interactive SOS
When paired with an Android phone, inReach lets you send descriptive text messages so responders come properly prepared. You can also maintain a dialog with the response center, exchanging updates as the situation dictates.
Message delivery confirmation
You'll never have to wonder if your message was received. The inReach will confirm delivery of any text or SOS message, whether it's in standalone or paired mode.
Remote tracking
Designate anyone you choose to follow your travels online. Your latest position and "breadcrumb" trail are displayed.
Free Android application, free map downloads
The DeLorme Earthmate application for Android users is available for free online through the Android Marketplace
  • Enables inReach Android communication features
  • Lets users download DeLorme Topo North America maps at no charge
    •   » Superior terrain, back road, and trail detail, plus places of interest
    •   » Maps are downloaded to the phone so they're available even when there's no cell phone signal
  • In conjunction with the DeLorme maps, the Android's native GPS will display user location

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