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Spirit Wireless is proud to be working with Alpine Leasing, Inc.to offer you the wide variety of leasing option.  Alpine Leasing is a full service lease company staffed by a group of individuals with over 30 years of combined experience. Their goal is to provide the most competent and innovative lease programs, while offering superior customer service.


Alpine Leasing has a strong commitment to service for both the vendor and lessees needs. Alpine Leasing specializes in a wide variety of new and used equipment for most industries such as hi-tech equipment, fitness, yellow-iron, sewer, manufacturing, industrial, telephone, restaurant and most other equipment with good collateral value.



What separates Alpine Leasing from other lease companies? We have a network of national funding sources as well as our own portfolio enabling us to offer our clients the best financial solutions.


You can count on Alpine Leasing to provide the best programs and terms that the individual credit will support. Alpine Leasing also provides the best service to complete the transaction from beginning to end.


Thank you for your interest in financing your communication equipment needs through Alpine Leasing, Inc. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship.



Why Lease?

Conserves Working Capital and Credit Lines: By leasing equipment, you avoid the use of lines of credit at other lending institutions and preserve working capital for other investments, emergencies and operating expenses. 

Accelerates Depreciation: The IRS Guidelines for a cash purchase of equipment requires that you depreciate industrial equipment over a term of 5 to 10 years. Leasing accelerates depreciation allowing you to expense your monthly payments as rentals. This enables you to recover your investment swiftly over the lease term ( 1 to 5 years). 

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT): The AMT was originally developed to penalize excessive "tax sheltering". Depreciation expense may be included for calculating your AMT. Since leasing may be considered "off balance sheet financing", the payments may not be subject to the AMT. Bottom line: Not leasing could potentially cost you thousands of dollars.

 Elimination of Budget Restrictions: We can create lease terms and monthly payment to fit virtually any budget. This allows the acquisition of equipment with little capital expenditure.

Flexibility: You can up-grade your equipment or add-on to your existing lease at any time during the lease term without penalty. Add-on billing can be adjusted to the remaining term of your original lease.

Simplicity: Our programs are streamlined to save you time and effort. There are no lengthy forms to fill out and credit decisions are usually made within 24-48 hours. Fill out the simple secure online application.

Fixed Rate Financing: Leasing payments are based on fixed rates so they are not subject to inflation. It is easier to plan budgets on fixed monthly payments.


Leasing has fast become the most popular and sophisticated method of equipment acquisition. A true lease may provide you with the maximum tax benefit allowed by law with a fixed monthly payment.



Lessee Programs



Technology Budget Lease - Includes attractive “upgrade time windows” at 18, 24 and 30 months allowing the customer to add or upgrade technological equipment while maintaining or lowering their monthly payments.  Designed for customers financing computer and telecommunication equipment.  Provides technological obsolescence protection for your customers; thus, keeping them in business and coming back to you for more equipment.



Seasonal Payment Plan - A beneficial program for customers who experience fluctuating time periods of higher and lower revenue. Customer designates 3 consecutive months they require off and they only pay for 9 months of every year.



60 -Day Deferral Plan - Designed for customers who want the additional revenues generated from the new equipment to cover the payments.



90 -Day Deferral Plan - Again, extremely helpful for those customers acquiring equipment that does not generate income during the first 90 days.  Alpine Leasing has minimal contact payments of $25.00 for each of the first 3 months followed by the normal term at the determined payment.



Step Up Payment Program - The step up program has reduced monthly payments for the first 12 months of the 3 to 5 year term leases. It is an effective advantage to those customers who are particularly interested in maximizing their benefits versus cost during their first year of equipment use.



Waive Payment Voucher - This allows your customers to tailor their own payment plans by giving them the option to remit up to 3 vouchers a year, and 6 vouchers total during the term of their lease, in lieu of full lease payments. The customer remits $25.00 (plus tax) with each voucher in lieu of full payment.



7 x $100 Program - A great selling tool for specials and vendor promotions. The selling point is simple: the lessee pays a $100.00 Security Deposit and has their first six payments at $100.00.  The remaining 30, 42, or 54 payments are at an adjusted payment.



6 x $99 Program - Another exceptional tool at trade shows and other promotional shows is the 6 x $99 Program. With this program, the customer pays 2 Security Deposits totaling $198.00. Their first six payments are $99.00 followed by 30, 42, or 54 payments at an adjusted payment.



Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly Payment Plans - Great for businesses on a yearly budget (Municipals, Government, Non-Profit, etc.)



Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly Payment Plans - Great for businesses on a yearly budget (Municipals, Government, Non-Profit, etc.)



$20.00 Security Deposit Program - A unique program for customers requesting minimal up front costs to enter lease.  Customer simply pays $19.99 to start lease.



10% Security Deposit (SD) = Buyout Program - For customer looking for a prepaid Purchase Option Plan.  With this program, the customer pays a 10% SD, which applies towards the 10% Purchase Option at the end of the lease.  This gives the added benefit of lower monthly payments.



Lease Refinancing - Alpine Leasing has the ability to refinance an existing lease and add equipment to a new lease.  Great for the lessee that has a current lease and needs new equipment; however, would like one payment for their leases.

If your Company is intrested in one of our leasing programs. Take the time now to fill out the secured on-line application or give one of Alpine Leasing's lease representatives a call and they will be glad to help you and your companies leasing needs.


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